Mickey & Minnie Wedding Custom Exploding Box Invitation with Rhinestone Embellishments and Ribbon. This invitation is totally hand-made with stunning Mickey & Minnie rising up in the center. The invitation has the option of lace or double trim satin ribbon.This 4X4 design consists of a beautiful embossed pattern on cardstock and a matching rhinestone pedestal accenting our beautiful invitation. The design can be completely customized. You can choose any color of your choice from our vast range of beautiful silk and stunning double trim satin ribbons. $16.00 each

Sold in sets of 5 - $80.00

Please allow 6 weeks for production of your custom order...

Customised Colors are available


White Corrugated Shipping Boxes- $1.50

Sold in sets of 5 - $7.50


Simple Matching Thank You Cards-$1.50

Sold in sets of 5 - $7.50


Embossed Matching Thank You Cards-$2.50

Sold in sets of 5 - $12.50


-Exploding Box (variety of colors and ribbons available)

-Invitation and cards printed on 65lb cardstock

-Invitation back layers in various cardstocks and textures

5 Customizable Cards are attached to the Panels 

1. Invitation


3.Guest of Honor's Picture

4. Character quote or message from the Parents or Hostess

5. Matching Personalized top


-Various Lace, ribbon, flowers, and rhinestones for outside front of box and inside accenting the invitation

-Mickey & Minnie PVC Figurine


Additional Matching Stationary av