Wedding Cake Bridal Invitations Shower and Event Bottle Invitation

The elegant graceful "Message in a Bottle" designs are striking! Every bottle is a custom handcrafted work of art. They are crafted with the highest quality embellishments ribbons flowers, ropes, bows...

The overall look is one that will certainly impress all those lucky enough to be included in your event

All invitations arrive complete and ready to ship (no assembly required).

Custom shipping labels are available.

We work closely with our clients to design the perfect invitation for your event.

Each invitation includes:

1 Full size Designer Bottle - 375ml / 10 " tall

1 vellum paper invitation 

1 cork 

1 indestructible white shipping box

Matching colored crushed shredded paper for packing material

1 additional A2 card sized copy of your invitation is tucked inside the box  


Wedding Cake Bridal Shower and Event Invitation

5X7 Double Layered Card Envelopes